Bert Assirati
Former British Empire and European

Heavyweight Champion 1930 -1960



I have enclosed photographs of Bert Assirati`s winning wrestling cups which I have been restoring, which have been loaned to me by Bert`s half sister`s daughter Mrs Anita Cooper, so I may use them to gain further information about his long wrestling career. Sadly when Marjorie died a year ago, and they were located, they were in a dreaded state, dented, silver plate all worn off, handles missing, wooden plinths cracked etc...

The widest cup (the challenge trophy) was won in Antwerp Belgium in 1947 when Bert defeated Alex Cadier former Olympic gold medalist in the final. Tallest cup was won in Paris in 1948 when Bert defeated Ivar Martinsen for the European championship. The cup with the two wrestlers on top was won by Bert in Madras India in 1954 after a six week tournament defeating Tiger Joginder Singh in the final. The smaller cup was won in Ghent Belgium in 1955 after a six week tournament when Bert defeated Stan Karoly in the final .

There is a fifth cup which was won in Bombay India in 1953 and was presented to him by His Highness Sir Hain Singh Maharajah of Kashmir & Jamu after winning the heavyweight tournament which is being re-polished at the time of writing.


Best for now Mike Hallinan


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